Fosbat's Commissions

Commission openings are at 2:30 pm MDT on my Twitter, via post.

Please refer to my Terms of Service before ordering any commissions.

All prices are determined by complexity of the character or the design requests.

Headshot Icon

A simple headshot of your character.
$30 - $35 USD


A bust of your character. Can be lined or lineless.
$35 - $40 USD

Lined fullbody

A fullbody drawing of your character. Shading costs extra.
$55 - $65 USD
+ $5 USD for shading

Lineless Fullbody

A lineless fullbody drawing of your character.
$55 - $65 USD


A tile of your character. Includes 2 fullbodies + 2 items of your choice.

On-base custom

A custom design on my opossum base.
Line edits will carry an additional cost.
$30 - $35 USD

Off-Base custom

A regular custom design.
$55 - $65 USD